Hiring: How to Guide

Human Resources is probably the biggest asset of any business. Recruitment is the most important aspect of that, whether big or small. If every person understands the job requirements and does it efficiently, your business will run smoothly and you can concentrate on making profit.

Out of the thousands of job seekers in Greater Toronto Area (GTA), how will you find the right person? Here is a step-by-step guide to help you:  

Identify your requirements

Before you let people know that you are planning to recruit, you should have a clear picture of who you are looking for. Ask yourself:

What does the job entail?
What are the skills required for the job?
How much of responsibility does the job carry?
Is it a long term or short term position?
What is your budget versus the pay packet you will offer?
Will it be a full time or part time position?
Will the employee work at the office or remotely?

Once you have answered these questions, create a job description.  

Advertise the Job

The next step is to attract the best talent based on the skills required and salary. You can advertise in newspapers, magazines and websites. 

Hiring a recruiting service in Toronto can save time and money. Recruiters can present you with a list of candidates whose skills best match the requirements. 

Interview Applicants

Our recruitment services in Toronto can arrange face-to-face interviews. Meeting in person can give employers a sense of the applicant’s commitment, confidence and efficiency. 


Review the notes you made during the interviews and select the candidates you feel are best suited for the job. If it is a very high profile job that entails a lot of responsibility, you can have a second round of interviews, either individually or in a group before you decide. Group interviews give you a chance to observe the candidates in a semi-formal atmosphere and the way they interact with others.

The final step is deciding salary terms and signing the agreement. 


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