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It’s our job to find top industry talent

Venters Recruits is your team of experts when it comes to finding top performing candidates for your company. Recruiting techniques combined with industry knowledge is what makes Venters Recruits so successful. We headhunt and network to connect clients with the most talented candidates in the market. We present candidates with opportunities they didn’t know existed. 

Even though Venters Recruits is based in Toronto, we find professionals from all across Canada. We scout a client’s marketplace and search for an ideal candidate or candidates – whether they are job seeking or not. We determine who the top talent is in your industry by conducting an in-depth review. 

Our approach to recruitment is so effective that we provide company clients with a six month guarantee regarding the job position. By signing on with Venters Recruits, you can feel confident knowing you’re receiving the best individual for the job.

Contact us today if you are interested in elevating your career or are in need of a qualified employee. 

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Venters Recruits Ltd

1 Elgin Street
Georgetown, Ontario
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