Job Market Online Report

Job Market Online Report

The Canadian job market took a serious hit during the recession that began in 2008. March 2009 was believed to have been the worst month with over 54,000 people all over the country losing their jobs. Now, however, the scenario has stabilized and the job market is as flourishing as it was before the recession. What’s more, economists predict that the job scenario is about to get better as this year progresses. So, if you are looking for a new career, you are very likely to find a good one. 

What is the job scenario like in Canada?

Right now, the Toronto jobs scenario is good because industries in the country face severe shortage of skilled labour.

The second characteristic feature of the Canadian job scenario is the high level of competition that exists in the graduate workforce market. With more and more people focusing on earning a graduate degree in expectation of better jobs, the competition in the market has risen.  

Skills that are much in demand include technical skills, business skills and scientific skills. The availability of a large base of diversely skilled workforce is a good trend for employers because they get a choice to sort and choose the best employees for their company. 

Industries that are hiring 

Several sectors are in the hiring mode in Canada as they try to find a strong footing in the market after the recession phase. Industries that are hiring include service industries, IT, health and social care, education, hospitality and food, scientific research, insurance, finance and trade. Among all these industries, IT and service industries are most active in employment generation. 

According to a recent survey, the industry that faces a pending shortage of workforce is the Industrial sector. This sector is on the lookout for qualified and eligible professionals of all levels and specialisation including Engineers, Technical Sales, Specificiers and technical support. Openings are galore in architecture industry; service providers such as plumbers and electricians, industries relation to gas and oil and management. 

Among all the cities in Canada, maximum job opportunities are available in Toronto and South West Ontario. 

It has also been found that in addition to technical knowledge and skills, most employers prefer employees who are fluent in English and French where possible

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