When you work with Venters Recruits, you save considerable time and energy. We search, screen, qualify and present only the candidates who meet the pre-determined requirements. Using our extensive resources, our specific process enables us to select candidates efficiently. 

Our approach is unique; attitude, aptitude and acumen are the pillars of our candidates. This means our search could extend beyond your local area into other parts of Canada. The team at Venters Recruits will contact and connect with as many prospective candidates as it takes until we find the right one for your company.

Once we’ve decided who to target, Venters Recruits will be an advocate for your company. We will present the opportunity, address any red flags and answer tough questions. We have the techniques to motivate and persuade a candidate to consider the position as well as determine if they are willing to make a career move. Our reputation is built upon our ability to diminish risks and create a mutually favourable partnership. 

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